Poles used for thatching

All the poles we use are H4 treated. H4 treated timber lasts up to 5 times longer than H3 treated timber in everyday use. Look for the marker at the end of each pole:


*1 - Name of registered SABS merchant

*2 - SABS stamp

*3 - Year of treatment

*4 - Level of treatment

wooden poles

Perfect Paints

We Offer: Service all year round. Damp, mold and condensation cure. We paint houses, walls, doors, windows, fences, trim, decks, buildings, furniture, skirting, roofs…. any thing. We do renovations: ceilings, varnishing, interior decorating etc.


About Us



Nel Lapas & Construction CC has steadily grown since 2000 to become one of the leaders in our specialised field.

As a company, we make it our mission to meet the ever increasing need in thatching and Thatch tiles.

Our simple philosophy is to meet the growing demand with dedicated, well trained and qualified employees.



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